Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cookie Ice Cream Cake

My son Caleb has requested an ice cream cake for his birthday two years in a row.

Here is this year's version...



-1 double recipe of your favourite cookie dough
-6-8 cups of your favourite ice cream flavor/s(we use so delicious coconut ice cream)


-bake one giant cookie in your springform pan.  I prefer to undercook my cookie so that it is more on the soft side than the crispy side.  **If you line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper, it will be easy to remove your cookie.
-bake a second cookie in your springform pan, the same as the first.  
-let cookies cool
-ganache should also be cooled to room temperature so that it is spreadable but will not melt ice cream
-prepare ice cream by letting it sit out just long enough to make it easy to scoop and smooth.

-place one cookie in the springform pan
-top cookie with generous layer of ganache
-scoop ice cream on top of ganache and smooth it out to edges of pan.
-top ice cream with second cookie
-top cookie with ganache
-top ganache with remaining ice cream
-add decorations as desired (I squeezed dollops of ganache around edges and stuck cookies into them but you can get as creative as you like:)
-freeze your cookie cake!

Serves:  8-16 (I would serve small pieces because this cake is very rich)  Be sure to take the cake out and let it defrost a bit so that you can cut into it at cake time!  **I actually made two of these, pre cut one, used the whole one for singing happy birthday and served the pre cut one first while cutting the whole one.

**springform pans are awesome for displaying your lovely dessert because once it has it's structure (in this case by re-freezing the ice cream) you can remove the sides!

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