Friday, April 25, 2014

Strawberry sauce

This is just too easy, and so yummy. I love that this sauce can be whipped up without any fuss and because it uses frozen berries, it can be made at any time of year.



-frozen organic strawberries  
**i usually just use the whole bag (2 cups approximately) but you man make as much or little as you like, since its the only ingredient it doesn't matter:)


-Place berries in a pot
-cook over medium heat stirring occasionally until berries are mushy
-mash berries with a fork

Dr. Mike's Pancakes

We have a big birthday here today!
Someone is turning 40!
{not mentioning any names}
Birthdays call for pancakes.

These babies are the real deal, approved by all members of our house.
The birthday boy himself came up with the recipe and I haven't tried another one since.
{I tend to stick to what I know works}



-1 cup almond flour
-1 cup spelt flour
-1/4 cup coconut sugar
-1 tsp. baking powder
-1 Tbsp coconut oil (melted)
-1 Tbsp cinnamon
-2 eggs
-2 cups coconut milk
-1 Tbsp maple syrup
-coconut oil for lightly lining pan


-mix dry ingredients in a small bowl
-mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl 
-add dry ingredients to wet. mix well
-melt coconut oil in pan
-scoop batter onto medium high heat pan
-flip when bubbles begin to appear all over pancake

Serves:  4-6 ( I always double this recipe for our bunch)

**I typically serve pancakes with some or all of these topping options:

-plain JL yogurt mixed with vanilla and maple syrup
-cut up fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, mango, raspberries...)
-frozen blueberries
-maple syrup
-strawberry sauce (pictured)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fancy Food: Watermelon Squares

This almost feels silly to type out because there isn't much to this recipe but it tastes great and the presentation is fantastic so I thought I'd share it as an awesome option for a cute little something to bring to the end of the year parties, or to serve as an appetizer at your own event.

{it's birthday party season at my house so I've got pretty food on the mind}



-watermelon, cut into 1" cubes
-baby bocconcini
-cherries (or blueberries depending on season)


-use toothpicks to assemble.  
-serve in cute little rows!

Mexican Shredded Chicken

I like to find easy ways to do things.
 I really like to find easy ways when it comes to cooking because, if we are being really honest, I don't really enjoy the task.  
At all.
Ya I said it.
Ironically, I feed 8 people three meals a day so I have been extremely motivated to figure out ways to cut corners.

This is one of my favourites.  I make two meals in one session.

Pictured here is some of my shredded chicken and a whole bunch of beautiful veggies about to get chopped.

We use this chicken many different ways.  Want a list?  Here ya go...

~chicken tacos
~chicken enchiladas
~mexican chicken salad
~chicken taco soup

The list goes on really.  I love having shredded chicken on hand for quick meals.  Here is the how-to.


*I am very loose with my measurements.  I learned that from my Mother In Law, she just keeps working at it till it tastes right.  If more people decide to come over, you add a little more of everything.  I believe for most meals, this works (not everything) please be flexible with yourself and be willing to taste as you go and add as you like.
*Also, I have a gigantic family so my portions are large.  You can modify by cutting a recipe in half if you are feeding a family of 4 OR, do yourself a favour and make it "Banman size" so you have leftovers for another meal!

**one more thing!  This is a wordy explanation, I promise its really very simple!  The chicken will be cooked through in the boiling step but the cooking step is where you add the flavour.  I hope that makes sense:)


for boiling step:
-4 chicken breasts bone in or boneless (you can also boil a whole chicken, if you'd like)
-2 onions, sliced in half
-4 carrots, washed and chopped in half
-4 stalks of celery, washed and chopped in half
-2 tsp chili powder
-2 tsp cumin
-2 tsp salt
-2 bay leaves

for cooking chicken:
-1 tsp coconut oil
-shredded chicken (made above)
-1 Tbsp chill powder
-1 tsp cumin
-1 tsp salt
-1 tsp garlic powder
-1/2-3/4 cup coconut milk

-chopped cilantro (optional)
-1/2 cup salsa (optional)
-hot sauce to taste (optional)


for boiling:
-throw everything in a large pot
-add filtered water until all ingredients are covered completely
-bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for one hour (at this point, you could simmer for longer, it's very forgiving)
**the above task can be done overnight or during the day in the crock pot.  Simply add all ingredients, set on low and cook for 6-8 hours
-pour the cooked contents into a strainer with a large bowl or a pot below to catch the broth. (congratulations, you just made chicken broth!! Save that)
-transfer the cooked chicken to a bowl.  Discard all the vegetables, bay leaves and bones.
-using two forks, shred the chicken.  (if this feels tedious, you can just chop the chicken)

for cooking chicken:
-melt coconut oil in a sauce pot on medium heat
-add shredded chicken, all the spices and coconut milk
-stir until mixed and heated through
-add more of any of the seasonings, or any of the optional additions as you prefer.

How is this two meals?

The first meal is your shredded chicken served how you like it, Mexican Chicken Salad , Chicken Tacos, Empanadas or Chicken Burritos, so many options.  

The second meal is Mexican Taco Soup.  (post coming)

Blackberry Smoothie

Everyone really enjoys this smoothie and it's got lots of awesome goodness hidden inside.  I love to sneak the awesome goodness in whenever I can:)



-1 handful washed organic spinach
-1 raw egg
-2 cups frozen blackberries or Marion berries
-1 large banana (or 2 small ones)
-2 scoops vanilla protien powder
-3 cups coconut milk
-1 cup water 
-1 cup raw milk (or an extra cup of coconut milk if this is not an option)


-place everything in your blender in the order listed.
-blend and serve! 

Serves: 6-8 (depending on size of glass:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dr. Mike's Chocolate Milkshake

My husband is quite the mixologist.  This is a family favourite...



- 3 cups coconut milk
-18 ice cubes 
-2 Tbsp organic maple syrup
-3 scoops chocolate whey protein powder (see link --->)


-add everything to the Vit-a-mix and blend 

*If you don't have chocolate whey protein powder, you can use two bananas and 1/2 cup cocoa powder and an extra tsp of maple syrup.  It's best with the protein powder  though:)

Serves 6

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dr. Mike's Detox Smoothie

My husband created this smoothie.  Some of my kids love it, others are not impressed.  That's kind of how things go around here though.  We don't get down about the whining or complaining, we keep focused on what the long term goal is.  If we make an amazing, healing, detoxing smoothie with all kinds of awesome ingredients, we suffer through the objections and force down the good stuff!  This may not be easy at first but any kid can get used to drinking green smoothies.  We just keep reminding them about what it's doing for their health.

This weekend we had a "vacation meal".  After a vacation meal, a detox drink is always a good idea!



-2 cups frozen organic strawberries
-2 cups filtered water
-1 1/2 cups coconut milk
-1 tsp cinnamon
-1/2 tsp tumeric
-5 leaves organic kale (washed and de-stemmed)
-2 scoops organic whey protein from grass-fed cows


-Blend liquids and kale in your Vit-a-mix
-add the rest of the ingredients and blend until fully incorporated.


-this smoothie will serve 6.

Cocoa Kamut

This recipe has been with us since long before I valued quality ingredients.  The original recipe included corn syrup and sugar and puffed wheat.

This is my healthier option, I hope you enjoy it!



-1 cup coconut sugar
-1/2 cup maple syrup
-3 Tbsp cocoa powder
-1/2 cup coconut oil (melted)
-1 Tbsp vanilla
-8 cups puffed Kamut


-Combine first 4 ingredients in a pot.
-boil for 3 minutes, stirring constantly
-remove from heat and add vanilla
-grease a large bowl with coconut oil
-pour puffed Kamut into the bowl
-pour hot mixture over Kamut
-mix well.
-smoosh mixture into a greased 9x12 pyrex pan
-let cool then cut to serve

*you can scoop the mixture out of the bowl and into cupcake papers in a cupcake tin for a nice way to serve this dessert to a crowd, or as a treat to bring to a school event

Pesto Feta Turkey Burgers

When Caitlyn, my 5th baby was born, my friend Denise brought turkey burgers.  I never forgot that meal.  I craved it actually.  I asked her for the recipe so I could enjoy them again.  This is basically her recipe, it may have changed a little bit over the years.  These turkey burgers are now a staple meal at our house.

The ingredients are simple but really flavourful when added together.

Really, that's all you do, throw them together and fry them up.

On this day, I served the turkey burgers two-bite sized by themselves as an appetizer.  Sometimes we eat them in lettuce wraps, sometimes they are an addition to a big salad.  Every once in a while we eat them with a bun.  When we first started taking grains out of our diet, I could not imagine how a burger could be enjoyable without a bun.  It is funny how your tastes change as you modify your eating habits.  We don't really miss the bun part of burgers anymore.



-2 pounds ground turkey
-1 cup chopped spinach
-1/2 cup feta cheese
-1/2 cup pesto sauce
-1 tsp. salt
-1 tsp. garlic powder
-1 tsp pepper
-1 Tbsp coconut oil


-combine all ingredients in a large bowl
-heat coconut oil in a pan on medium-high heat.
-I like to use a scoop to create even "scoops" of the mixture, and put them in the pan.  Use a fork to flatten them out to a 1/2-1/4 inch thick. (the old fashioned way of using your hands to make patties works too but my way keeps my hands clean:)
-you can add more seasoning at this point if you choose.
-when cooked though, flip burgers to brown the second side.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Barley Bison Stew

I can never make enough of this dish.  I love mealtime when there is no complaining.  This stew accomplishes a blissful happy mealtime.  Everytime.

We use Bison but this would work equally well with beef stew meat.

If you want it to go further, you could add filtered water and change this from a stew to a soup.



-1 pound stew meat (bison or beef)
-1 Tbsp coconut oil
-1 tsp salt
-1 tsp pepper
-1 tsp garlic powder
-1 Tbsp thyme
-2 cloves garlic, chopped or minced
-2 onions, chopped
-4 stalks celery, chopped
-4-6 carrots, chopped
-1 cup barley (rinsed)
-3-5 cups filtered water, or beef broth if you have it.


-sprinkle half of the seasonings all over the meat.
-brown the meat in a hot skillet with the coconut oil
-add garlic, onions, celery and carrots, cook until almost soft
-add barley and water and seasonings, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer.
-keep stirring every once in a while.  This should simmer for at least an hour.
-you may need to add more seasonings, to your own taste:)

*you can add everything to the crock pot in the morning and let it cook all day on low.
*some people prefer a less "starchy" consistency, this can be accomplished by boiling the barley separately.  A lot of times I do this so those who are avoiding grains can have the stew without the grains and the others can add them if they like.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Potato and Broccoli Bowl

This is the ultimate comfort food for my family.  I make this once every two months or so and everyone goes wild.  Everyone but Cambria, she doesn't like potatoes.  Weird, I know:)



-potatoes cut into quarters (5-8)
-broccoli cut into bite sized pieces (1-2 heads)
-1 c. grated cheese (I use raw Jerseyland cheese)
-2 Tbsp. butter (olive oil can be used instead)
-1 tsp. salt
-1 tsp. garlic powder
-1 tsp pepper
-1/2 c. coconut milk


-boil the potatoes until they are soft but not mushy
-drain the water from the pot and throw the broccoli in with the potatoes, close lid!  The heat and steam from the hot potatoes will com the broccoli.
-add butter, cheese, spices and milk.
-mix everything together and serve

Banman's Favourite Hummus

We enjoy hummus as a snack on a regular basis around here.  It's really quick to prepare and can be paired with raw veggies or crackers or as a side to a meal.  

In this video, my lovely Mikayla demonstrates just how easy it is to make our favourite hummus.



1 large can chick peas (also called garbonzo beans)
juice of 1 lemon
2 garlic cloves, peeled
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp. cumin
2 tsp. chili powder
2 tsp salt (you may want to adjust this to taste as you go)


-Dump everything in your Vita Mix. (If you don't have a Vita Mix, you can try your blender and if that doesn't work use a food processor and put the Vita Mix on your Christmas wish list:)
-blend until smooth and creamy

Oat Fudge Bars

I'm certain that Starbucks made Oat Fudge Bars with me in mind.  They are my absolute favourite.  I decided it was high time to figure out a better option for this oat-fudgy obsession. Here's what we've come up with (I say we because there have been many batches and my older daughters have all weighed in and helped as we tweaked our recipe.)

I just want to clarify, oats are not a staple around here.  My philosophy when it comes to food is always changing as I learn.  I feel it is important to come up with exciting options that will deter us from choosing the really bad stuff.  When I make these Oat Fudge Bars I use organic, GMO free oats, pure organic maple syrup, and other ingredients that I have carefully selected.  I believe this is a better option for a special treat than driving through and "splurging" on the real thing... Get my drift?



-2 bananas, mashed really well
-4 Tbsp coconut oil, melted
-2 eggs
-4 Tbsp maple syrup
-1/2 tsp salt
-2 1/2 c .organic oats
-1 c. oat bran
-1 c. spelt flour
-1/2 c. ground flax seeds (I like the golden ones)
-1/2 c. shredded unsweetened coconut

(this mixture can vary so get creative with what you have, you may like more flour and less oats or you may want to substitute the oat bran with more can get away with many varieties here.)

-1 1/2 c. chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life, if you have a chocolate that you like that is in bar form, you can use that by just chopping it up)
-1 c. coconut milk

-preheat oven to 350
-mash the bananas really well
-add oil, eggs, syrup and salt and mix well.
-combine dry ingredients in a separate bowl
-add dry ingredients to wet until mixed
-press this mixture into the bottom of a 9x13 and an 8x8 (I have a big crew, you may have lots of leftovers!   They freeze really well:)
-in a double boiler, warm up the coconut milk.
-add chocolate and stir until it makes a chocolately, fudgy sauce.
-pour the chocolate mixture on top of the oat base
-bake for 10-15 minutes
-i like to let these cool completely before we eat them but my family usually has other ideas.  If you have self control, you can let them cool in the fridge for an hour or two.